Partner Testimonials.

Pico Interactive has partnered with a variety of businesses across varied professions including healthcare, education, marketing and training to name but a few.

With over 60 equipped parks worldwide, VR Coaster is the market leader for VR on ride attractions like roller coasters or drop towers.

By merging the immersive elements of VR with real-world thrill-rides, they have created the first media based ride experience with real airtime, g-forces or zero gravity.

They have also created the "Diving Theatre“ underwater VR attraction and other innovations like the VR Bumper Cars or the " Roam&Ride " approach that combines free roaming VR with dynamic ride attractions.

"Pico VR Headsets are the most reliable solution for professional and robust location-based entertainment. Even on the most dynamic rides, our worldwide clients benefit from highly increased guest throughput and much easier maintenance. They combine perfect image quality and high-end hardware with the most versatile and controllable operating system. Thanks to the incredibly fast and profound support from the Pico Dev Team, we're able to create highly customized VR experiences without any consumer apps getting in the way."

Operating out of Munich, Barcelona and Lahore Inflight VR is the world’s leading Virtual Reality Inflight Entertainment (VR IFE) solution provider for airlines. Founded with the aim to improve the passenger experience, Inflight VR has created a safe, secure, reliable and revenue-focused VR inflight entertainment system.

"Our team of engineers and academics works closely with PICO to help consumers (in our case travelers) to have the most seamless experience tailored to the environmental and behavioral circumstances of their use. PICO’s all-in-one platform and their flexible support make them an essential partner for our endeavors. Together we make virtual reality a business reality."

Limbix is the leading provider of VR technology for mental health. The company provides a medical grade VR kit that enables therapists to use VR with their patients for exposure therapy, mindfulness, psycho education, and more.

"Limbix chose Pico for three primary reasons. First, we had the ability to create medical grade hardware. Second, we leveraged their built-in Kiosk Mode to provide a seamless and self contained environment. Finally, by supporting SD cards it enabled us to store more con tent on the device, and to leverage SD cards for content updates, instead of Wifi."

Founded by a U.S. veteran, NuEyes empowers the visually impaired to partake in everyday tasks without their vision disabling them.

"As a pioneer in the field of low-vision technology, we partnered with Pico Interactive to tap into their innovative VR solutions to enable us to offer an all in one virtual reality device that can re-open the wearer’s eyes to a world they believed forever lost due to failing sight."

Creating anxiety free dental experience for patients and practitioners through Virtual Reality.

"We were looking for the best all-in-one solution for our virtual reality application, and Pico was a great match for what we needed. Pico went above and beyond and worked with our developers to make sure that our application ran seamlessly within the headset. Our customers are pleased with how easy the headset is to work with and enjoy their virtual reality experience."

Offering a full range of Virtual Reality solutions empowering businesses in healthcare, education, training, and events to be on the forefront of immersive technology.

"Being on the cutting edge of VR development for a lot of different use cases, we love working with Pico's all-in-one solutions. Their extensive direct support and ability to work with us on different needs has been a huge resource for us. Deploying PICO for our larger clients has made our organization look even better! The response has been overwhelmingly positive due to the high quality of their products & ease of use that has beenproven to drive more user adoption."